Who does the legal paper work and what do I need as proof for that paperwork?

I do all the legal paperwork for you and send it in after your wedding, things that I will need are your Birth certificates, or I can use passports as long as they are not cancelled, and your driver’s licenses, and if you have been married before I will need your dissolution’s of marriage or death certificate should that apply. If you need any help obtaining these I can help you with this.

Do you have a PA system?

Yes, I wear a head set and I have other hand held microphone for you to use.

If the celebrant gets sick what happens?

I work with a fantastic  like minded group of celebrants that should anything happen to me one of my celebrant friends would happily  step in to perform your ceremony the ceremony I wrote for you.

Will there be any other charges?


Do we do a rehearsal?


Can we include other Cultural aspects into our ceremony?

Yes, most definetly.

What do you the celebrant provide?

A PA System, that can play music for your ceremony, either by CD or through my I Pad, Signing Table and chairs and a few different signing pens to choose from for signing.  and a wind proof candle holder for outdoor candle ceremonies.

What do I promise you.

As many meetings, phone calls, emails and skype calls needed with no extra fees. to be at your ceremony at least half an hour before the ceremony, and a professional ceremony every time.